Diego Maradona

Diego  Maradona

It was an incredible honor to be chosen to create a visual identity for Diego Maradona, a football icon and one of the greatest players in the history of the sport. We knew that designing Maradona's branding would be a challenge, as we wanted to create something that would accurately reflect his unique style of play, his passion for the game, and his enduring legacy in the world of football.

To begin, we conducted extensive research on Maradona's career and his impact on the sport. This included studying footage of his matches, reading articles and interviews about him, and speaking with fans and his children about what Maradona meant to them. Through this process, we gained a deep understanding of Maradona's personality and his place in the world of football.

Using this information, we began to sketch out ideas for Maradona's branding. We knew that we wanted the branding to be bold and vibrant, just like Maradona's play on the field. We also wanted it to be versatile and adaptable, as Maradona's career spanned several decades and he played for a number of different teams.

After much experimentation and iteration, we finally landed on a design that we felt truly captured the essence of Maradona. The colors used in the branding are bright and bold, reflecting Maradona's energy and personality.

︎︎︎ Featured in a number of high-profile campaigns and collaborations
︎︎︎ Successful in terms of sales and revenue
︎︎︎ Well-received by fans and professionals and by their heirs

︎︎︎ Licensed by various companies and organizations