We were brought on to the project and commissioned by Harder Route, to create a clothing line from scratch and work on a global campaign identity for the merchandise. We worked over several weeks overseeing the creative direction, design, art direction and brand activation aspects.

We have build a brand that is relevant to culture. It’s both premium and streetwear style makes it standout, paying homage to the brands we love. We wanted to create a more street-driven feel yet the garments we chose are top-quality, from hoodies ranging to 450–500gsm. Using references from Stussy and Obey really took the merch to another level. The project resulted in a wide range of both print and digital assets to be used throughout billboards all over the states and the UK.

Team & Credits:

︎︎︎ Creative direction: Disomt Studios
︎︎︎ Producer: Ian & Scott
︎︎︎ Design: Disomt Studios
︎︎︎ Client: Harder Route

︎︎︎ Creative direction
︎︎︎ Brand Activation
︎︎︎ Campaign identity
︎︎︎ Merchandise