Lucki — “Made Martian” Tour

LUCKI — Campaign strategy

It was important that the campaign visuals reflect his unique style and persona. The creative direction was crafted to showcase his musical talents and creative vision, while also highlighting the themes of the campaign. The use of bold, vibrant colors, dynamic imagery, concert scenes, use of stickers, framed booklets helped to capture the energy and passion of Lucki’s performances and music. The typography and messaging were chosen to convey the Lucki’s unique voice and personality, with an emphasis on his individuality and authenticity. 

Throughout the design process, we wanted to make sure that the visuals were true to his artistic vision and represents him well. The result is a series of visuals that not only effectively communicate the campaign's message, but also encapsulate the Lucki’s unique persona as a rapper. These designs will help to build a strong connection with his audience and create a memorable brand experience.

︎︎︎ Published and Printed on Billboards all over NYC, Atlanta