Selfridges x Supersnake

Selfridges x Supersnake 

The creative direction for Supersnake resulted in a stunning collection that was recently showcased in Selfridges London. We drew inspiration from a variety of sources, including international fashion trends, the client's unique brand aesthetic, and the needs of their customers.

Throughout the design process, we worked closely with Supersnake to ensure that every element of the collection was aligned with the brand. We paid particular attention to fit, fabric choice, and overall wearability, as we know these factors are important to our client's customers.

The end result was a collection that received rave reviews from fashion critics and shoppers alike. The pieces were beautifully crafted and exuded a sense of effortless elegance that resonated with the Selfridges audience.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work on this project and are proud of the final product. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with our fashion client and bringing more innovative and stylish collections to the market.

︎︎︎ The collection was featured in several high-profile fashion publications. Many pieces from the collection sold out within the first few days of being available in Selfridges.